Cedar Street Productions, Charleston SC  

Harvest Moon Teaser Trailer
    "Harvest Moon" was filmed in Springfield, CA in the fall of 2005. (the same time as hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans).  
    In the summer of 2007 the film was released to distributors.  Not getting the deal we wanted we shot a new opening for the film in January of 2008 and cut almost 5 minutes from the existing movie.
   Because of personal issues the finished film spent a year and a half finishing the final cut.  In the summer of 2009 the film was completed. Selling nearly 500 DVD's independently from 2009-2010.
   The movie sat still for nearly two years until Continuum Pictures agreed to distribute the film in the fall of 2011.  As of March 2015 the film has been sold at military bases only.
"Harvest Moon is a solid horror film"
"Ladies and Gentlemen, 
we have a winner!!!"
Horror Film "Harvest Moon"  on DVD

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