Cedar Street Productions, Charleston SC  

Horror Film "Harvest Moon"  on DVD

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Cedar Street Productions in association with Jack Paper Productions are in pre production on two short films "No Time for Goodbye" & "Last Call"
Intended for film festivals in the US.

Both films are being shot over three days and are produced by Brent Nowak, and Brad Ashten. Directed and written by Brad Ashten.
The films will keep the same actors for both casts and will shoot in several unique locations in Charleston SC.

"No Time for Goodbye" focuses on two male characters and their involvement with the same woman as a lover. As their paths cross in the comfortable nest of a sailboat at sea, there's only one thing to do, fight for the one you love.

"Last Call" shows us a chance meeting between two unlikely souls who make a genuine connection at a local dive bar. The pair enjoy an honest conversation before everything goes dark, and the girl's possessive boyfriend shows up. After a brutal brawl, the man is left to decide if he should pursue this new thing or repeat prior actions of slinking away from existence.

Run time for both films is an estimated 15 mins each.

The cast is as follows:

"No Time for Goodbye"
Brent - John Winscher
Rose - Jenn Swirtz
Wilson - Jack Firestone
Man in Black - Brad Ashten
Secretary - Lindsay Weisberg
Guy on Bike - Antonio Contreras 

"Last Call"
Luke - Brad Ashten
Simone - Jenn Swirtz
Bartender - Lindsay Weisberg
Mike - Jack Firestone

The crew is as follows:
Brandon Clark -DP
Adam Russell - 1st Assist Camera
Justin Moskos - Key Grip
Justin Moskos - Best Boy
TJ Price - Sound
Edward Sutton - PA